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Since 1968, Tetrad’s long-serving team have become experts in handcrafted upholstery products using the best, high-quality materials. All sofas, chairs and stools are created with hardwood frames that are built to last. Based in Lancashire, Tetrad pride themselves on their British quality furniture that is durable and timeless.

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Battersea Chair

From £1255 (Fabric)

Battersea Sofa

Sofa From £1525

Now £1270

Beardsley Chair

From £1225 (Fabric)

Blake Chair

From £1205 (Fabric)

bowmore chair

From £1105 (Fabric)

Bowmore compact sofa


Now £1285

Bowmore Grand Sofa

Sofa From £1840

Now £1530

Bradley Chair

From £1195 (Fabric)

Calvay Chair

From £1085 (Fabric)

Chatsworth Sofa

Sofa From £1660 (Fabric)

Now £1380

Chaucer Chair

From £1475 (Fabric)

Coniston Sofa

Sofa From £1935

Now £1610

constable snuggler

From £2125

Now £1770

Constable Sofa

Sofa From £2625

Now £2190

Constable Chair

From £1525

Dalmore sofa

Sofa From £1850 (Fabric)

Now £1540

Dunmore chair

From £1385 (Fabric)

Elgar Sofa

Sofa From £1780

Now £1480

Ellington Chair

From £1030

Gatsby Sofa

Snuggler Sofa From £1290

Glencoe Chair

From £1235

Glencoe Sofa

Petit Sofa From £1860

Jacaranda Chair

From £1160

Jacaranda Sofa

Snuggler Sofa from £1365

Nairn Chair

From £1110

Prince chair

From £950 (Fabric)

prince sofa

Midi Sofa From £1385 (Fabric)

Zaffer Sofa

Sofa from £1210