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Top interior design trends this autumn and winter

It’s the time of year when the autumn and winter trends start to appear and take over. To save you from searching the internet for hours on end, we have compiled our favourite top interior design trends this autumn and winter, so you can give your home a makeover.

Top interior design trends this autumn and winter

Modern neutrals

A combination of different elements is what makes this trend so great – a mix between natural looking furniture and beautiful and simple looking accompaniments. Consider wood grain furniture alongside patterned crockery, a block coloured rug and grey chairs.

Jet black

This trend is all about accessories and fans of monochrome will love it – as they all need to be black. If you’re not a fan of large amounts of black, it can still work for you, just use black in smaller blocks here and there.

Tactile kitchens

Kitchens are going under a huge change – they aren’t all about one style of unit, a contemporary splashback and a worktop. Mixing it up is the new message in the world of kitchens – contrast in colour and placing different textures together.

Bright shapes

This trend is most definitely a happy, vibrant one. Look out for bold, colourful shapes when you are browsing online or are out shopping – geometrical, spots, stripes, basically anything out of the ordinary to make your home look fantastic. Once you have bought multiple items, throw it all together and you will have yourself a colourful paradise.

True blue

Now, everyone knows that blue is THE colour for this time of year, gentle on the eye whilst not being too dark for the winter months. Blue is particularly stunning when paired with gold, as it gives off a warming vibe whilst mot being too bland.

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