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How to choose the perfect rug for your home

No matter the size, shape or purpose of a room, a good rug can be just the thing to make it look and feel right. But finding your perfect rug can be difficult – they can be expensive, and it’s important to get the right fit. Here’s a helpful guide on how to choose the perfect rug for your home:


It might sound obvious, but you need to find a rug that fits the room. Too big and it could dominate the space and disrupt your furniture arrangements, but too small and it risks going unnoticed. The key is to take into account your seating area, and have the rug occupy as much of that space as possible. Try to have all your furniture on the rug for an even feel – after all, you want your feet on the rug, not the floor.

The shape of the rug is also something to consider, and matching the shape of the room is a good way of working. A square rug looks nice in a square room, and a rectangular rug looks nice in a rectangular room.


Colour is probably the first thing people will notice about the room, so finding a rug that complements your colour scheme is key. There’s no hard and fast rule, but having your rug fit with your furniture is nice. For a new room, it might even be worth picking your rug first and finding furniture that complements it. It’s all down to personal choice – whether it’s bold, colourful or subtle, find a rug that suits the room.


Texture is important as it determines the look and feel of your rug. Again, look at the room and its furniture and try to find a texture that fits. Contrasts can be good, such as pairing sofas made of harder, smoother materials with a softer rug. It’s not all about looks, though.

Consider the practicalities, like cleaning the rug, and think about who’ll be using the room. Some rugs can present tripping hazards, especially for those with limited mobility or the elderly, so take this into account when picking your rug and choosing where to put it.

If you’re still wondering how to choose the perfect rug for your home, Websters Distinctive Furniture can help. Get in touch on 01484 712024, contact us or visit our showroom in Brighouse.


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